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This study contains a summary of findings from the interviews of persons with visual, hearing and physical disabilities in four universities in Kenya. This is done with a view to establishing the magnitude of the barriers they face in access to inclusive education. The study highlights instances of compliance or otherwise with international and municipal laws on inclusion, on- discrimination and equality by Universities. Interviews conducted during this research have shown that experiences of persons with disabilities depend on the particular University that they attend once they finish high School. The findings indicate that PWDs face numerous instances of exclusion and discrimination which is against the law. Of the four Universities, Kenyatta University was the most inclusive in regard to students with physical, visual and hearing disabilities. United States International University which was also accessible to persons with physical disabilities had not admitted any student with visual or hearing disabilities. Catholic University of East Africa had a number of accessible buildings but the environment was largely inaccessible. The university admitted students with visual disabilities without restructuring of the environment. University of Nairobi had also admitted persons with physical, hearing and visual disabilities without removing environmental barriers. The study calls for amendment of national laws where the same are found to be inadequate in comparison with international standards and calls on Universities to comply with the law on inclusion for PWDs.

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