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The motivation for doing the study stems from my interaction with incarcerated women with young children either born in prison or who accompanied their mothers into prison as the only suitable care giver. These children are denied several rights and privilege that children are normally entitled to.

The aim of the study is therefore to analyze the rights of the children accompanying their incarcerated mothers in our Kenyan prisons.

To accomplish this goal, this study is divided into four chapters. Chapter one is a broad overview and layout of the research. It looks at the statement of the research problem, theoretical framework within which the research is carried out and the research justification. It also covers the objective of the research, research questions, hypotheses, the methodology applied as well as the literature review.

Chapter 2 examines and provides an in-depth understanding of international conventions and protocols touching on the rights of the children accompanying their incarcerated mothers in prison.

Chapter three undertakes a comprehensive coverage of the Kenyan situation on law, policy and practices on the matters of the children accompanying the incarcerated mothers. The chapter provides a bird’s eye view of the law and exposes the reality on which the children in prison live in, hence making it easy to appreciate the need for the necessary measures to be taken and to recommend realistic changes. To this effect, an analysis of the provisions in the relevant acts will be undertaken, followed immediately thereafter with the findings from an institution entrusted with the implementation of the laws laid down in the Act.\

Chapter four brings out the conclusion drawn from the study as well as the recommendations made in pursuit of efficient and effective rights of the children accompanying their incarcerated mothers in Kenyan prisons.

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