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Mission, Vision & Core Values

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A world-class Law School committed to the promotion of academic achievement and excellence in research.


A centre for learning and scholarship; preparing students for academic pursuits, professional development, enhanced personal lives, and responsible global citizenship; extending the frontiers of knowledge through research, creative works, and scholarship; fostering an intellectual culture that bridges theory with practice; contributing to social, economic, and cultural development; and, through intellectual products, enhances the quality of life of the people of Kenya and all humanity.

Core Values

In order to realize the above vision and mission, certain values need to be nurtured by the Institution, the School of Law shall:

  • Espouse the virtues of truth, integrity, honesty, tolerance, professionalism, teamwork and meritocracy.
  • Uphold the ethics and etiquette of teaching, learning and research
  • Promote and defend the freedom of thought and academic enquiry as well as freedom of association
  • Be creative and innovative
  • Ensure openness and transparency in all its dealings and operations
  • Nurture responsible corporate citizenship and strong social responsibility
  • Be at the forefront in providing leadership in national agenda
  • Respect the beliefs and values of others
  • Respect and protect the environment
  • Have the courage to initiate and adapt to change


Within the University strategic period 2008- 2013, the following quality objectives have been
established to guide the School of Law employees in discharging service to customers and stakeholders:
· Manage the School of Law efficiently
· Produce quality and holistic graduates
· Contribute to knowledge, development and technological innovations.
· Enhance the competitiveness of the School of Law.


Our Service Charter

In case of any complaints or queries about any percieved or suspected incidences of non-compliance with the University Regulations the same may be reported via this line on THE CORRUPTION REPORTING HOTLINE:

LINE: 0204912606


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