Degree Code:G34
Degree Type:BACHELOR
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Level : Non Specified
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR 107 Torts Ii45View Description
GPR 211 Legal Practice45View Description
Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR104 Constitutional Law I60View Description
GPR103 Social Foundations Of Law60View Description
GPR105 Criminal Law I60View Description
GPR102 Contracts I60View Description
GPR101 Torts I60View Description
GPR100 Legal Research And Writing60View Description
GPR 100 Legal Research And Writing45View Description
GPR 101 Torts I45View Description
GPR 606 Principles Of Good Governance60View Description
GPR 607 Law And State Security60View Description
GPR 603 Law And Development60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR111 Criminal Law Ii60View Description
GPR110 Constitutional Law Ii60View Description
GPR109 Legal Systems And Legal Methods60View Description
GPR108 Contracts Ii60View Description
GPR107 Torts Ii60View Description
GPR106 Advocacy60View Description
GPR 102 Contracts I45View Description
GPR 103 Social Foundations Of Law45View Description
GPR 104 Constitutional Law I45View Description
GPR 105 Criminal Law I45View Description
GPR 106 Advocacy45View Description
GPR 108 Contracts Ii45View Description
GPR 109 Legal Systems And Legal Methods45View Description
GPR 110 Constitutional Law Ii45View Description
GPR 111 Criminal Law Ii45View Description
GPR 649 Natural Resources Law60View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR202 Civil Procedure I60View Description
GPR201 Evidence I60View Description
GPR200 Criminology And Penology60View Description
GPR205 Sale Of Goods And Agency60View Description
GPR204 Property Theory60View Description
GPR203 Administrative Law/law And Administrative Authorities60View Description
GPR 200 Criminology And Penology45View Description
GPR 201 Evidence I45View Description
GPR 202 Civil Procedure I45View Description
GPR 203 Administrative Law I45View Description
GPR 204 Property Theory 45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR207 Evidence Ii60View Description
GPR206 Criminal Procedure60View Description
GPR208 Civil Procedure Ii60View Description
GPR211 Legal Practice60View Description
GPR210 Property Law60View Description
GPR209 Administrative Law Ii/judical Review60View Description
GPR 205 Commercial Law 45View Description
GPR 206 Criminal Procedure45View Description
GPR 207 Evidence Ii 45View Description
GPR 208 Civil Procedure Ii45View Description
GPR 209 Administrative Law Ii45View Description
GPR 210 Property Law45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR302 Equity60View Description
GPR300 Jurisprudence60View Description
GPR304 Law Of Business Association I60View Description
GPR305 Family Law60View Description
GPR306 Banking Law60View Description
GPR308 Accounting For Lawyers60View Description
GPR309 Customary Law60View Description
GPR310 Law Of Trusts60View Description
GPR319 Islamic Law60View Description
GPR 300 Jurisprudence45View Description
GPR 301 Public International Law45View Description
GPR 302 Equity & Trust45View Description
GPR 303 Insurance Law45View Description
GPR 304 Law Of Business Associations I45View Description
GPR 305 Family Law45View Description
GPR 306 Banking Law45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR303 Law Of Insurance60View Description
GPR301 Public International Law60View Description
GPR314 Trusts And Trust Accounts60View Description
GPR313 Humanitarian Law60View Description
GPR311 Land Use Law60View Description
GPR317 Bankruptcy And Commercial Securities60View Description
GPR318 Labour Law60View Description
GPR 307 Trial Practice45View Description
GPR 308 Accounting For Lawyers45View Description
GPR 309 Customary Law45View Description
GPR 310 Law Of Trusts45View Description
GPR 311 Land Use Law45View Description
GPR 312 Alternative Dispute Resolution45View Description
GPR 313 Humanitarian Law45View Description
GPR 314 Securities Regulation45View Description
GPR 315 Contemporary Legal Problems45View Description
GPR 316 Law Of Business Associations Ii45View Description
GPR 317 Bankruptcy And Commercial Securities45View Description
GPR 318 Labour Law45View Description
GPR 319 Islamic Law45View Description
Level : 4
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR400 Research Paper I60View Description
GPR404 Tax Law60View Description
GPR403 Conflicts Of Laws60View Description
GPR402 Conveyancing Law & Practice60View Description
GPR401 Law,science & Technology60View Description
GPR405 International Econimic Law60View Description
GPR406 Competition Law60View Description
GPR407 Women In The Legal Process60View Description
GPR409 Public Interest Clinic60View Description
GPR408 Enviromental Law60View Description
GPR 400 Research Paper I45View Description
GPR 401 Science And Technology Law45View Description
GPR 402 Conveyancing Law And Practice45View Description
GPR 403 Conflict Of Laws/private International Law45View Description
GPR 405 International Economic Law45View Description
GPR 406 Competition Law45View Description
GPR 407 Gender And The Law45View Description
GPR 408 Environmental Law45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR411 Intellectual Property Law60View Description
GPR412 International Trade Law60View Description
GPR413 International Human Rights Law60View Description
GPR414 Professional Ethics And Responsibility60View Description
GPR415 Consumer Protection Law60View Description
GPR416 Law Of The Sea60View Description
GPR417 Law Of Succession60View Description
GPR418 East Africa Community Law60View Description
GPR419 Public Interest Clinic60View Description
GPR420 Energy Law60View Description
GPR 409 Public Interest Clinic I45View Description
GPR 410 Research Paper Ii45View Description
GPR 411 Intellectual Property Law45View Description
GPR 412 International Trade Law45View Description
GPR 413 International Human Rights Law45View Description
GPR 414 Professional Ethics And Responsibility45View Description
GPR 415 Consumer Protection Law45View Description
GPR 416 Law Of The Sea45View Description
GPR 417 Law Of Succession45View Description
GPR 418 East African Community Law45View Description
GPR 419 Public Interest Clinic Ii45View Description
GPR 420 Energy Law45View Description


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