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                                                 Sports and Games Department

The University of Nairobi Sports and Games Department is the oldest and the largest in Kenya. The department dates back to the days of the Royal College of East Africa with 215 students in1956. It then offered the traditional sports of netball, soccer and volleyball.

Today, Sports and Games Department is responsible for provision of recreational and competitive sports for both students and the members of staff in the university. The services in the Department of Sports and Games are a concerted effort of the technical (Games tutors and Coaches) and the administrative staff, as well as the other stakeholders.

Sports and Games Department now offers an array of disciplines namely: rugby, basketball, handball, hockey, netball, tennis, athletics, swimming, table tennis, scrabble, and chess, swimming, cross country, taekwondo, karate, karate, cricket and tug of war. These disciplines are replicated in all the colleges for effective and efficient services to our customers.

Mass participation in sports is encouraged through fun activities as well as intramurals which include inter-years, inter-halls and inter-faculty sports competitions. The inter-campus build up games and competitions form the baseline for competitive sports in the university.

On competitive performance, the Games tutors and the coaches continue to be instrumental in identifying and nurturing of sports talent leading to exemplary performance in the national, regional and continental competitions. Athletes who qualify for world university games are immensely exposed to global competitions.


  • To provide efficient and effective quality sport and recreational programmes for students at both Campus/College and University levels at recreational and competitive levels.

  • To develop ,expand and renovate Sports facilities and equipment .

  • To maintain state- of- the- art sports facilities and equipment.

  • To identify and nurture talents,train and coach sports techniques.

  • To provide relevant information on the importance of exercise to staff and students. 

  •  To provide innovative Sports services to students and staff in order to maximize their productivity, enhance teaching and learning and improve quality of research.  

  •  To advice the University in all matters related to Sports and Games services and infrastructure, development and implementation of the Sports and Games policy; and the general sports and games strategic direction in relation to the University's vision and mission.

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