14-29 Sept 2020 School of Law holds all-Online Training for East African Lawyers on Protecting Environment During Extractives Contracting

East African Laws Training on Environmental Protection During Extractives Contracting

About the training:

This is a capacity building programme to build and strengthen capacity of public and private sector, academia and civil society lawyers from Kenya and Uganda.  The training aims to enhance their knowledge consider and integrate ecological, environmental, and social considerations during negotiation and drafting of upstream extractives contracts.

The training conducted entirely online through this custom-made Learning Management System and videoconferencing, focuses on the upstream segment of mining, oil and gas contract development and negotiation.

A technical training team from the University of Nairobi and Makerere University have prepared content to be delivered during the training programme. The programme is delivered carefully selected techniques including short framing lectures, small group discussions, world café’s, simulations, and practicum. Two cohorts of lawyers will participate in the programme, between 14 – 29 September 2020, with each training running over six (6) days. An outcome of the programme will be a practical toolkit, which will be available online, and can build the capacity of other lawyers that will not participate in this programme.


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