School of Law Proposes Covid-19 Response and Management Bill to Government of Kenya

As Kenya, as with the rest of the world, takes public health, social and economic actions to respond to Covid19, Academic Staff at the School of Law, CASELAP and School of Medicine have come together and developed legislative proposals. These are contained in the Draft Covid-19 Response and Management Bill, 2020.

The draft Bill was submitted by the Vice Chancellor to the Cabinet Secretary for Health, as Chair of the National Emergency Response Committee (NERC), the Attorney General of Kenya, the Senate of Kenya Ad-hoc Committee on Covid19, the National Assembly, among other offices. These proposals are the University's contribution to the legal effort by Kenya in putting in place appropriate mechanisms. 

The Academic staff team comprise the following: 

Core Team Members and Drafters:

  1. Prof. Patricia Kameri-Mbote
  2. Prof. Ruth Nduati
  3. Dr. Robert Kibugi
  4. Dr. Collins Odote
  5. Dr. Nkatha Kabira
  6. Dan Allan Kipkoech
  7. Garvin Rodgers


  1. Prof. Winnie Kamau
  2. Prof. Ben Sihanya
  3. Dr. Constance Gikonyo
  4. Dr. Peter Munyi
  5. Muthomi Thiankolu 
  6. Muriuki Muriungi
  7. Allan Maleche 
  8. Nerima Were
  9. Ochiel Dudley
  10.  Linda Kahigu 
  11. Lawrence Mute