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Degree Code:G62
Degree Name:LL.M.
Degree Type:MASTERS
Degree Duration:2
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR 601 Jurisprudence And Legal Theory60View Description
GPR 602 Research Methodology60View Description
GPR 604 Comparative Constitutional Law60View Description
GPR 605 Human Rights Law60View Description
GPR 608 Democracy And The Legal Process60View Description
GPR 609 Access To Justice60View Description
GPR 610 Advanced Tax Law60View Description
GPR 611 Banking And Financial Services Law60View Description
GPR 612 Capital Markets And Securities Regulation60View Description
GPR 613 New Developments In Insolvency Law60View Description
GPR 614 Procurement And Public Accounting Law60View Description
GPR 615 Law And Economics60View Description
GPR 616 Advanced Competition Law60View Description
GPR 617 The Law Relating To International And Regional Economic Institutions60View Description
GPR 618 The Legal Regime Of The Gatt/wto60View Description
GPR 619 Multilateral Finance Institutions Law60View Description
GPR 620 Transnational Enterprises And The Law60View Description
GPR 621 International Business Transactions Law60View Description
GPR 622 International Maritime Law60View Description
GPR 623 International Investments Law60View Description
GPR 624 Transnational Litigation60View Description
GPR 625 International Commercial Arbitration60View Description
GPR 626 Law And Contemporary Problems60View Description
GPR 627 Comparative Law60View Description
GPR 628 African Legal Systems And Traditions60View Description
GPR 629 Law And Religion60View Description
GPR 630 Children’s Rights In National And International Law60View Description
GPR 631 Disability And The Law60View Description
GPR 632 Comparative Labour Law60View Description
GPR 633 Feminist Legal Theory And Jurisprudence60View Description
GPR 634 Gender And Family And Succession Law60View Description
GPR 636 Gender And The Criminal Law Process60View Description
GPR 637 Gender And Access To Resources Law60View Description
GPR 638 United Nations Law And Problems Of World Order60View Description
GPR 639 Law On Refugees And Internally Displaced Persons60View Description
GPR 640 International Human Rights Law60View Description
GPR 641 Humanitarian Law60View Description
GPR 642 Law Of International Organizations60View Description
GPR 651 Physical Development Law60View Description
GPR 652 International Environmental Law60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR 643 International Litigation And Conflict Resolution60View Description
GPR 644 Air And Space Law60View Description
GPR 645 International Law-making Processes60View Description
GPR 646 International Criminal Law60View Description
GPR 647 Law On Trans-boundary Natural Resources60View Description
GPR 648 The Marine Environment And The Law60View Description
GPR 650 Law And Pollution Control60View Description
GPR 653 Public Property And The Public Trust Doctrine60View Description
GPR 654 Legal Regulation Of Power And Energy Sectors60View Description
GPR 655 International Intellectual Property Law60View Description
GPR 656 Patent Law60View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR 660 Cyberspace And The Law60View Description
GPR 661 Biotechnology And The Law60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
GPR 657 Trademark Law60View Description
GPR 658 Copyright And Neighbouring Rights Law60View Description
GPR 659 Telecommunications And The Law60View Description
GPR 662 Electronic Commerce And The Law60View Description
GPR 663 Legal Aspects Of International Technology Transfer60View Description
GPR 664 Medical Law60View Description
GPR 665 Principles Of Corporate Governance60View Description
GPR 666 Global Governance Practices And Codes60View Description
GPR 667 Corporate Culture, Ethics And Governance60View Description
GPR 668 Non-governmental Organizations And The Law60View Description
GPR 699 Research Project Report 240 View Description

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